Improve employee retention and wellbeing with evidence-based financial care

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The Beans makes it easy for you to champion money + life balance for your employees.

Participants create a personalized cash flow plan that meets them where they are today and evolves as their finances grow. The design is drawn from evidence of what works and is carefully crafted to demonstrate to your employees that you care by addressing their number one source of stress, finances.

What We Offer

Effective Professional Development

Evidence-based and interactive professional development courses teach effective strategies for relieving financial stress and making financial progress.

Evidence-based Cash Flow Planning

The Beans app offers personalized, evidence-based, automated cash flow plans and ongoing positive and proactive support.

Community Support

Community Sessions leverage social support with additional resources provided by financial advisors and behavioral coaches so your employees can solve the specific financial challenges they face.

Our Partners

We partner with healthcare, education, nonprofit, and municipal organizations.

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Our impact

Financial Health for
Caring Professionals

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What our Partners Say

From September 2022 - January 2023 our turnover rate has dropped to 6.6% and we have seen 9.5% growth in staffing within the Head Start program.
Heather D
Site Director
I absolutely LOVE that this is available for staff! It is essential for the ones that care for our children, also care for themselves. They need to feel full.
Policy Council Member​​
Budgets and money can be so intimidating. The Beans has found a way to make it inviting and simple to digest for our team at The Boys and Girls Club.​
Dakota S.​

Built for the Caring Class

The Caring class is made up of people who choose careers of mission over money— educators, healthcare, government, and non-profit professionals. You work hard, take care of your community, and deserve to feel great about the money you earn.

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