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Friends with Money: Money and Relationships

How do your “people” influence your spending habits? We’re talking about your community, your circle, your friends, your family. Maybe you don’t think they influence you at all, but research says that’s unlikely. We are social beings, and we tend to match the habits of others in our circles, whether we like it (or realize it) or not. … Read More

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Build Generational Wealth

We often think of the next generations as our own children; however, it can also include our extended family, our neighborhoods, causes or organizations we care about, or even the culture we come from. The decisions we make today to grow our wealth have an impact on those who come after us. This is the concept of generational wealth. … Read More

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Finding Alignment: How do I Spend According to My Values?

Every dollar is equal, right? Research out of the University of Cambridge suggests that might not be the case. You might actually be able to get “more” out of your dollar by making sure that your spending is aligned with your values. … Read More