Summer Dreaming? 3 Steps to Enjoy the Summer Fun and Make Financial Progress

Regardless of how you plan on spending your long summer days- fun and financial progress do coexist! So how do you set yourself up for success this summer? Answer these three questions and then dust off those flip flops.

1. What do you value?

Ok, this is where we get deep. It is time for a little self reflection. What do you value? Where do you want to go? What do you want to do? Our values are a roadmap for our decisions. Write them down and post it somewhere or keep it in your journal. We especially love a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or kitchen fridge for these. 

“I want to travel and do other fun things,” said Mary, a Kindergarten Teacher in Atlanta.

Yes, Mary! Travel is a priority for Mary and something she deeply values. When Mary spends on travel she will actually get more per dollar because research shows that our happiness increases when we spend on things that align with our personality and values. Mary saved enough to travel to Korea this summer stress-free. Bon voyage Mary!!!

2. Do you have a Plan?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: people with plans are 10 times more likely to succeed financially! If you already made your Plan with The Beans- AMAZING! If you haven’t, there is no time like the present! Revisit the values you outlined earlier and make your Plan. Maybe this time next year you want to take a big trip like Mary or be poolside every weekend. No matter what your vision of the perfect summer is, your Plan is key!

3. Is your savings automated?

Make things easy on yourself- automate that savings contribution so you never have to worry about it. This is especially helpful if you plan on traveling or taking some time off this summer. We’ll even help you determine the best amount to save based on your Plan. 

Now get out there and enjoy the summer months! Financial progress and your money + life balance is within reach.