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Money Made Simple

“I'm trying to be a better steward of where my money goes and putting a name to every dollar. “- Ayauna

Ayauna is like many in our community. She is a full-time Caring Professional, working in education, and also has a busy side hustle as a travelpreneur. Ayauna wants to be more “financially aware” i.e. know where her money is going. With a full-time job, side hustle, bills, and student loans it can be a lot to track! How do you achieve better money + life balance so that managing your money doesn’t become a full-time job? We’ve got some tips for you.

Tip 1: Make a Plan

I Love It When A Plan Comes Together

Managing your money starts with your Plan. Your Plan doesn’t need to be complicated or complex. In fact, the simple act of having a plan will increase your chances of succeeding by 10 times! When you make a Plan and are specific to the when, where, and how you will improve follow-through. 

Ayauna made her Plan using the Cash Flow Plan maker in the Beans app. Her Plan includes fixed expenses (think rent and that monthly cell phone bill) and her monthly income from her Caring job. Ayanna can open the app at any time and see where her money is going.

Tip 2: Automation, automation, automation

Ayauna enjoys traveling (hello travelpreneur) and dining out. She knows spending on these activities brings her joy and fills her cup and when we spend on what we love we actually get more joy per dollar. She started setting aside money for dining out using a cash envelope system so she could physically see the money going in and going out, yet Ayauna ran into problems like the ATM not having money or finding the time to make a trip to the bank. Now she uses automation to do the heavy lifting. Each month money is automatically transferred into her “fun account” and she can easily see how much is available as well as where it was spent. 

“I have found that the bills that I know are a priority need to be automated because you got to have someplace to live, you got to have someplace to drive…So now I have a better money management system so I can limit the manual payments.”

Automation is a major simplifier! Automate your savings, bills, and any transfers, and watch your money work.

Tip 3: Advocate for Yourself

Like many Caring Professionals, Ayauna has student loans. Her monthly payment is automated (yah!), but Ayauna has questions: 


Is she taking the right steps to eventually get her loans forgiven? 

Is she on the right repayment plan for her goals and her situation? 

If she pays more now will it benefit other areas like her taxes? 


Paying down student loans may seem like a distant, long-term goal, but advocating for yourself now by getting your employment certified for Public Service Loan Forgiveness will save you money and head and heartaches in the long run. 

By making her Plan and utilizing tools like the Cash Flow Plan maker and automation through the Beans app Ayauna is well on her way to full financial transparency. As she continues to grow her side hustle she can adjust her goals, be in charge, and maintain money + life balance.