Maximize Your Summer Money Mindset With 3 Simple Steps

Whether you are an educator looking to stretch your income over the next couple of months or juggling fluctuating income for a short period, how can you embrace a summer money mindset to enjoy the season and set yourself up for success in the fall? … Read More

Make Progress: Savings Edition

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Navigating Debt: 3 proven practices for Caring Professionals

Navigating Debt: 3 proven practices  for Caring Professionals

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How to Build Your Plan When You Have Debt and Savings

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Make Progress when Relationships + Money Mix

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Ladder to the stars

It’s a new year. You have plans. Does your money?

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Cultivate More Joy and Less Stress this Holiday Season

“I hadn’t really thought about (planning) for my holidays and giving myself a limit. I do have an insanely large family, so many of us. And I always like to give to my family.” -Valentina … Read More

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Money Made Simple

“I’m trying to be a better steward of where my money goes and putting a name to every dollar. “- Ayauna … Read More

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Discovering Your Joy: Investing in Happiness Yields Infinite Value

“It’s hard because all I can really think about right now is the first year of teaching,” Bekah, a first-year teacher and Beans user. … Read More

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Automate Your Way to Financial Progress

Automation makes our lives easier in so many ways. We automate our meeting invites, our prescription refills, our Netflix subscription! Automation is also a powerful tool for our financial wellness. … Read More