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Financial Health for Caring Professionals

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Financial stress is a key driver of churn in the workplace. We work with Caring organizations, our nation’s educators, healthcare, and public employees, to reduce their employees’ financial stress.

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When combined with a cash incentive,
The Beans dropped employee turnover 27%

“We combined ARP salary supplements, incentive pay based on goals, with education and tools from The Financial Wellness Essentials course to improve staff financial wellness and promote retention. Prior to implementing these strategies our turnover rate was 33.4%. In August 2022, we offered the Financial Wellness Essentials course and aligned it with the distribution of goal-based incentive pay. From September 2022 - January 2023 our turnover rate has dropped to 6.6% and we have seen 9.5% growth in staffing within the Head Start program.”

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The Beans has partnered with 80 different education, 

nonprofit, and healthcare organizations.

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Hear what the former director of the Office of Early Childhood Development at Head Start, has to say

What people say

94% of participants agree or strongly agree that The Beans is valuable and that they will use the information you shared this year.
Dir. Alpha Public Schools
You were able to provide training to our teachers and offer them the financial resources available via The Beans. AND THEY LOVED IT!
Dir. TFA Bay Area
Budgets and money can be so intimidating. The Beans has found a way to make it inviting and simple to digest for our team at The Boys and Girls Club.
CPO BGC of The Lakeshore
LOVE this! ... I am a very linear person and wasn’t sure about using the visual and I absolutely loved it. Great!
Kidco Head Start
I think what I learned as far as budgeting was very beneficial. I’m excited to have access to the Beans app and put it to use in the way of my money management!
BRAD Child Development Programs
Thank you for giving me tools to help me improve my life and support my family as a single mom who is going to school and working full time.
CESA Head Start
I absolutely LOVE that this is available for staff! It is essential for the ones that care for our children, also care for themselves. They need to feel full.
Policy Council Member
KidZ Community
The Beans is very helpful and I really plan on implementing this plan in my everyday life
TCR Head Start
This was amazing training. A great strategy to begin saving in 2023!
TCR Head Start
This is very educational and it helped me to improve my finances.
Cheaha Regional Head Start