Case Study: RECAP, Inc

Financial Stress and Employee Retention


The Beans partners with the National Head Start Association to provide Head Start sites nationwide with access to The Beans’ evidence-based content, tools, and support. Available on The Academy, Financial Wellness Essentials is designed for Head Start sites of all sizes. A New York site, the Regional Economic Community Action Program, Inc. began working with The Beans in 2022 after searching for a solution to their employee retention challenges. 


Educators are facing more stress now than ever. 41 percent of teachers said they feel like they’re less effective at their jobs when they’re stressed. Research shows that when teachers are stressed out, the quality of their instruction, classroom management, and relationships with students all suffer. Students tend to be more stressed when their teachers are, which could negatively affect their academic performance and engagement.


Americans rate financial stress as the number one, most persistent form of stress in their lives with teachers experiencing this stress at higher levels. This stress translates to negative impacts on physical and mental health and leads to many educators leaving the industry creating retention challenges for employers.


What makes The Beans unique from other employee benefits and retention tools is the careful consideration of the audience–education, healthcare, nonprofit, and public professionals who choose careers of mission over money–and evidence-based recommendations that align behavior with intentions. The Beans’ Financial Wellness Essentials program nurtures the pursuit of financial goals and promotes positive financial behaviors. This evidence-based approach has been found to be a key contributor to staff retention.

I'm a very visual learner, and that's exactly what this was all about. It taught me financial planning in a way that made sense to me!
Head Start User
We combined ARP salary supplements, incentive pay based on goals, with education and tools from The Financial Wellness Essentials course to improve staff financial wellness and promote retention. Prior to implementing these strategies, our turnover rate was 33.4%. In August 2022, we offered the Financial Wellness Essentials course and aligned it with the distribution of goal-based incentive pay. Compared to an 18% reduction from the cash incentive alone, from September 2022 – January 2023, our turnover rate has dropped to 6.6% and we have seen 9.5% growth in staffing within the Head Start program.



Heather Decker

Heather is the Senior Director of Early Childhood Development at Regional Economic Community Action Program, Inc in New York.


  • 33.4% turnover rate
  • Employees report high rates of financial stress


  • Turnover rate reduction from 33.4% to 6.6% in just five months
  • Employees report lower levels of financial stress
  • 4.96/5 Star User Rating

Impact & Results

The Regional Economic Community Action Program implemented The Beans’ Financial Wellness Essentials alongside American Rescue Plan salary supplements and incentive pay based on goals. Their turnover rate dropped from 33.4% to 6.6% in just five months. They also saw a 9.5% growth in staffing and their employees report experiencing less financial stress. The Beans is the highest-rated professional development available.


The Beans’ Financial Wellness Essentials is an effective tool for Head Start Leaders facing challenges with employee retention. When paired with additional incentives such as goal-based incentive pay it has a high level of success reducing turnover and employee churn. When employees experience less financial stress they are able to stay in positions they love.

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